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Pastor Tim Midgette
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About Pastor Tim Midgette

Sr. Pastor Timothy Midgette currently serves as the Sr. Pastor of Kingdom Builder’s Christian Center. Truly a man after God’s own heart, this young man is committed to the development and progression of God’s people. Serving over a decade in youth ministry, Pastor Timothy has reached thousands of young people in campaigns to win the battle against gang violence, school dropouts, teen pregnancies, and other issues that our youth face daily.

Surviving the streets of “Little Washington, NC”, God called Timothy Lasone Midgette from a life of crime and drugs in 1996. Since then, Pastor Tim has committed his life to preaching the gospel and compelling men, women, and children to come to Christ.

In 2001, Pastor Timothy helped to establish Paneh Mime Ministries International. Visionary and Lead Choreographer of Paneh Mime Ministries, Pastor Tim has traveled across the world ministering in the world of God through mime. Obedient to the call of God, Pastor Timothy established the Paneh Center of Durham in August 2005 – a training center for dance and mime ministries. God has blessed Paneh to assist in the establishment and development of several mime ministries, including Timothy L Midgette Ministries.

Pastor Tim is married to the lovely Co-Pastor Chandra Midgette, and they have two wonderful children Lasone and Jamal.

Co-Pastor Chandra Midgette
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About C0-Pastor Chandra Midgette

Co-Pastor Chandra Midgette, a native of Pinetown, North Carolina is the wife of Pastor Timothy Midgette and serves along side her husband as Co Pastor of Kingdom Builder’s Christian Church in Durham, North Carolina. Co-Pastor Midgette has served in several capacities as an exemplary leader and an example of a virtuous woman.

Co-Pastor Midgette graduated from North Carolina Central University with a Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. Pastor Chandra has subsequently worked in corporate America in various leadership positions for over 10 years.

Pastor Chan has a powerful healing, deliverance, and practical teaching ministry. Currently, Pastor Chandra serves the women by example as the leader of Beauty for Ashes Women’s Ministry and Chandra C Midgette Ministries. This healing ministry teaches, encourages and guides women to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ. In addition, Pastor Chandra ministers in mime along side her husband and travels extensively on missions trips to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While obligations to ministerial commitments are a priority, Pastor Chan ensures that her other covenant relationships are well maintained. She faithfully serves as her husband’s helpmate and as an involved mother to their two sons, Lasone and Jamal.

The Paneh Empowerment Center

(School of Mime)


The Paneh Empowerment Center, Durham, NC

The ministerial and business visionaries of Paneh Mime Ministries, Timothy and Chandra Midgette, have ministered to thousands around the globe. These trailblazers are the founders of The Paneh Empowerment Center located in Durham, NC. The Paneh Empowerment Center is a facility with a mission to instruct, impact and ignite dance and mime ministries around the world. Though located in Durham, Paneh Empowerment Center is a mobile and global enrichment center that trains mime teams internationally with the use of modern technologies such as webinars, Skype and conference calls. The Paneh Training Center has been instrumental in partnering with local pastors and mime ministries to re-establish, develop and advance their mime ministries. The Paneh Empowerment Center is a family oriented establishment that currently offers weekly hands-on instructional mime classes. In addition, The Paneh Empowerment Center frequently hosts weekend mini

The Paneh Empowerment Center is a family oriented establishment that currently offers weekly hands-on instructional mime classes. In addition, The Paneh Empowerment Center frequently hosts weekend mini boot camps, one-on-one sessions and intense mime clinics for ministries aspiring to take their mime ministry to a deeper dimension. The students of the Paneh Empowerment Center are offered opportunities to learn as they grow through traveling and local community events. Follow Paneh on social media and listen out for our next Paneh Empowerment Center event!